Zoel’s Amazing Castle

Zoel’s Amazing Castle is the project in which we are currently working on.




The game is an action platformer with a heavy focus on exploration in which the Player must traverse a castle full of traps and trickery in order to reach the mad and powerful illusionist that awaits on the top. However there is a catch! The castle is constantly changing its shape to confuse the heroes, so every time you step in, the layout will be completely different. Also, the game is a (soft) roguelike, so if you die you have to start from the first level. What I mean with soft is that even if you restart at the beginning when dying, there is still some kind of progression system that persist trough different play troughs, unlike other (mainly older) roguelike games when all the progress is completely lost on death.

Sneak peak into the Story

Nowadays, a very imposing castle raises up, next to a peaceful city. Strange and terrifying noises sometimes come out, as well as light and smoke of different unnatural colors. The people of the city are terrified of the location, and live with fear that some day the madman that lives inside will come back to take the city with his dark arts.

rabbitThis wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t that long ago that an illusionist named Zoel lived in the city, and was always trying to impress the people with simple and harmless tricks. However he received nothing more than mockery out of his effort, as the common people failed to see the effort of his actions, the effort to make the world a happier place. One day, he decided that he had enough, that he wouldn’t rest until he found power. Power to make everyone respect him. Power to make everyone pay for the humiliations he suffered.

After that Zoel left the town in the search of knowledge and power. This was the last time anyone in town heard from him in years, but suddenly, about 3 years later, a gigantic castle appeared next to the city, out of nowhere, giving birth to nightmares for everyone in town from that point on.



Creator of the castle and possessor of formidable powers nowadays, he was once a simple illusionist seeking for the happiness of people, but humiliated until he had enough and left town in search of knowledge and the power that comes with it.

After years of research and intense study he managed to discover a spell previously unknown to mankind, which blurred the line between simple illusions and reality. This was it, this was the power that Zoel was looking for. Using this spell, he could create anything, with his imagination being the only limit. No one will make fun of his illusions anymore, he thought.

Heading back to town, after coming back from far away lands, he created himself a castle worthy of his might. But this was no ordinary castle. Fitting Zoel’s personality, the castle was mischievous and tricky, constantly changing its layout to confuse any intruder and lead them to deathtraps.

“This was it”, Zoel thought for himself, “for this castle I will be remembered. But first, the world needs to know. The world needs to come and see, so my powers are known.”

Not much after, a projected image of Zoel appeared in multiple cities across the world at the same time, to spread his word to the world. “Brave heroes of the world, I challenge you. Come to my castle, and reach me, if you dare. Overcome all the obstacles, if you can. Whoever manages to do so, will get, not only my personal recognition, but also infinite treasures and whatever is that his heart desires the most.”

His move was made. Now all left to do was wait for the heroes to come. “Poor Heroes.”, Zoel thought, “They already lost, but they don’t know it.”

The Thief

When a ghostly image of an eccentric man appeared on the town market to deliver a message, everyone was very surprised. Little did they suspect that a skilled thief would take the chance to swiftly go trough the crowd, taking all kind of jewels and valuable items. It only took one person’s notice, to have all the crowd running after her.”Sigh”, she thought, “Here we go again.”. She ran away from town with a crowd of angry people following her close by.

After a while she managed to leave them behind, but only then she noticed where she was. “So this is the famous castle? It actually looks impressive.”. She was starting to consider entering the castle when the angry crowd appeared again, not giving up on the chase. “Well, can’t think of a better place to hide. I am sure it really is full of treasure, waiting for me to take it” se thought while she entered the Castle.

The Warrior

The warrior was a proud knight. Too proud maybe. Wearing everywhere his shiny red armor, and his massive sword, he usually caught the eye of everyone around. Several times he went into life-threatening missions for protecting the peace of the real, and he made sure that everyone knew his heroic deeds after he was back.

One day, he was having fun with a few friends in the local tavern when a ghostly image of a man appeared in front of him. “What kind of witchery is this?” He said. When the image started speaking, everyone was silent, hearing the message, but once the warrior figured out was going on, he stood up (very loudly, and throwing a chair to the ground in the process). “What kind of nonsense is this? He just wants to scare us!” he declared confidently. “I will go to the castle and defeat this evil man. You have nothing to fear!”.

After that, he immediately parted to the Castle, since he was always ready for battle. He was not really interested in this mysterious reward or even the treasure (he was already rich enough from previous adventures), but he thought it takes courage to defeat this kind of evil, and after his victory, his courage will be certainly known by everyone around the world.

The Mage

Upon hearing the message, the mage immediately accepted the challenge. After all, what is better than powerful magic to stop powerful magic, and powerful he was indeed, and eager to prove it to the world. Illusions didn’t impress him, “That is just child’s play.”, he thought, “I hope he has something more than powerful words, or else this adventure will be finished really quickly.”.

Everyone in town was talking about the crazy illusionist, and he was jealous. “My dark magic will be the one remembered after I defeat this buffoon, and I will be covered in glory and treasure.”

Only one thing made him nervous. What did the illusionist mean with “whatever is that his heart desires the most”? Did he even have such power to read the human mind to that extent, and materialize something out of thin air? “It’s just a bluff, something like this is impossible.” He thought, as he packed his stuff to start the journey.

About the project itself

Periodical updates will be posted while the project advances. Please keep in mind that the game is in very early stages, and many mechanics and graphics shown here, and in the project updates will be changed during the development cycle of the game.

The project is still in it’s early stages, and we plan to launch a kick-starter campaign once a playable demo is ready. Once the game is launched, it will be released for PC (at least initially).