Who are we?

Team Smoke and Mirrors was found on 2016 with the idea of developing games from gamers to gamers, following our passion to create a product that we would personally love.

Currently Team Smoke and Mirrors consists of 3 people:

Damián Abalo Mirón

Responsibilities within the team

  • Software developer
  • Game and level Designer
  • Business and administration
  • Webpage administration


Software engineer with a master in Soft Computing, with 5 years of working experience in different fields of computer science, including a 3 year period working for CERN.

Since many years I have always resorted to game development as a hobby, even releasing a simple android game a while ago. During the summer of 2016 I made my decision to make my own indie development company, to work as a game developer full time from now on, making my greatest passion into my job, to hopefully share my vision of video games with the world.



Massimiliano Nadalini


Responsibilities within the team

  • Art direction
  • Visual designer




Sara Fernandez Rosas


Responsibilities within the team

  • Writer



I´m a teacher in philosophy and I spend the day between books. Reading and writing is my passion. I have been creating my own novels for almost two years in my blogs. Although the genre of terror is my sign, I can develop any style in a moment, if you just give me a pen and a paper. For this, when Damian proposed me to be part of this incredible Project, i accepted instantly. I hope that I can create a plot so interesting that coupled with the dynamics of the game, you can love it until the every end.




External collaborators







Glitchy Synthy Downtempo Beeps n Doots maker Bocuma (aka Martin Millar) has been producing his own brand of noise since the early Amiga demo scene. Since then he has released a number of albums most recently the critically acclaimed ‘Orphans of the Sky’ and is currently making a prolific impact on the indiegame scene sound tracking a number of titles.

Check out his work here.