Mini Update: Changes on the web and more

Hello you! Time for a mini update to explain a few things available in Smoke and Mirrors.

First of all, let’s talk about the webpage itself, since there has been a few modifications. A new section of the webpage has just been created, the gallery. The idea behind this section is to keep track of the teaser pictures and animated gifs that we have been releasing in Twitter, Facebook and Reddit’s screenshot Saturday, having them all stored in one convenient place. The gallery will be updated from now on whenever some teaser material is shown in any source other than the website itself (Starting with 3 animated gifs that were recently published in Twitter and Facebook).

Now you are playing with portals
Now you are playing with portals

Apart from the gallery, the Zoel’s Amazing Castle section of the website has been greatly expanded with most of the information released on the project update #4. This update talks about the beginning of the story, and introduces us to several Characters. I didn’t want this information to fade out in an old project update, so it fits perfectly in this section, where we introduce the story of the game.

Also, apart from this changed that I just mentioned, you can also find in the web links to our recently created profile in IndieDB and GameJolt. This two websites help small indie developers like us to share their work with the world. We will be re-posting the project updates that we post on this website on the IndieDB and GameJolt profiles in order to try to gain some extra exposure, but the updates will always be posted first on this website.

Well, that is all for today. Don’t worry, next time a full length project update is coming 🙂

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